Monday, May 4, 2009

Out you damn spot!

Rosabelle has cradle cap, and she has my bad genes to blame. I have eczema, and I read that babies with blood relatives with this condition are more prone to getting cradle cap (form of dermatitis). We've been applying olive oil and NUK baby oil, and washing her hair with Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash on alternate days, but she still has yellowish scabs on her scalp. Poor girl just got woken up from scratching her scalp till it bled - we will have to stop applying too much oil (and too early in the day before her bath) as it aggravates the condition, and ensure the shampoo is thoroughly cleansed from her scalp.
Fingers crossed with more diligence and knowledge, her cradle cap will clear, or it'll cause more itch during the hot summer. We are planning to bring her for a hair cut this weekend, Wayne and alot of folks say her hair will grow more evenly and nicer (it's now of uneven length with her birth hair that has grown very long, looks so cute I can't bear to cut, heh!)

(The above shot is of her cleverly pressing the vibration mode on the Fisher Price seat all by herself. Slick.)

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Piggy Family said...

Hi, RaeAnne got cradle cap on her eyebrows too. J&J head to toe may be too harsh. Try buying Cetaphil cleansing lotion from pharmacy. Can also bring to PD, they can give mild steroid cream to apply, will heal faster, and won't itch so much then she won't scratch until bleed.