Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eat your heart out!

Just this morning, I blogged about how my sis was so amused at Rosabelle's clish-clash of clothes, and the girl wasn't too happy at being called a fashion victim...

So, Mummy decided to coordinate her clothes and dressed her up pretty in pink, coupled with a new three-quarter pants that came with a cute cow print skirt, and sweet Bambi socks. Doesn't she look absolutely huggable? Dua Yi (大姨), eat your heart out! Haha!

We got her ready for lunch outside - it was a lovely, sunny day but by the time we went out, the sun was way too bright for outdoor dining, so we brought her indoors to this place at China Central Place near our house - Piazza Italia. Wayne and I had wanted to visit this place when I was still pregnant and before I left for Singapore, but it was still undergoing renovations. It houses three splendid storeys of all things Italian - foodstuff and dining (and wining), and with each level up, the food gets classier, and more expensive.

First floor is an Ikea-like bistro (of course food's much, much better), second floor's sit-down dining, and third floor's fine dining. We settled for the second floor as it's all high-chair sitting on the first, and the atmosphere (and prices - 300RMB per person for a set lunch) was too stifling on the third.

We stuffed ourselves silly with mushroom soup, caesar salad, their special pizza (110RMB), and pasta. Here's Rosabelle enjoying my Pellegrino lemonade (folks will think we mistreat our daughter, letting her suck the bottle whilst we gorged on proper foods...).

After lunch, we took a short walk at the compound of the China Central Place apartments, where Rosabelle was so tired she slept 3 minutes into the stroll!

As usual, it was a 30-minute power nap, where I snuck away to get a hot chocolate from Comptoirs de France (and a much too sweet rum/raisin ice cream for Wayne) - pity the breads have to be eaten today, or I would have bought some for breakfast tomorrow. All the expat mags rave about this place, I must go with an empty stomach next time!

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