Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the spotlight

Just when I'd just finished blogging about our daughter's dance performance during the evening walk yesterday, she strangely did not want to dance for the nanny and I this morning. No matter how much we tried to pique her and dance with her, she was nonchalent, and just looked around the park.
So we continued strolling, and I went off to buy bread. When I came back, she was surrounded by an elderly couple, their daughter-in-law, and the latter's five-month-old son, who were all highly amused, and entertained, by Rosabelle. According to the nanny, she was dancing enthusiastically for all of them, and grinning from ear to ear, so much so that the old lady asked her daughter-in-law to train her grandson to also dance like that, and they all commented that Rosabelle is such a happy baby.
The nanny and I deduced that Rosabelle probably found it meaningless to dance for just the two of us only. She needed an audience, strangers who will clap her on as well. We have an attention-grabbing performer in the making, sheesh.

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