Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backtrack 3: BFF

(Delayed posting due to swine flu.)

That’s the acronym for Best Friends Forever (BFF), by the way.

Vanessa and I have been friends for the longest time (though the Choons are moving to Shanghai soon.. :(), and we kept to the yearly ritual of meeting up over the weekend on 16 May to celebrate her birthday (she’s still 18, by the way), with babies in tow this year!

We decked Rosabelle up in a oh-so-cute (I know she’s my daughter and I will of course say she’s cute, haha!) pink bunny suit, courtesy of my sister who bought it for her in Singapore. I really have to treasure this period of time when she will not (or at least not know how to) protest at silly and cute-looking dressing!We met up at Panino Teca at Sanlitun Village for a late lunch (as Rosabelle woke up close to noon and by the time I prepared her cereal with broccoli, I had to feed her banana in the car – just as well, the Choons were running late too and arrived at the same time as us). We gave Vanessa her present of a mini black marker board where she can scribble her daily to-dos/to-buys/to-remembers…
The two girls were kept busy thumping the table, grabbing the menus, and playing/interacting with each other (and intense head-shaking for Rachel’s case, haha!). Vanessa got Rachel a pair of shades that Rosabelle tried on as well, looks so hilarious on her!

After a filling lunch, we then walked around the Village taking photos of baby sculptures, posing behind Panda billboards, and looking at the fountain spouts.
A very fulfilling day, coupled with good weather, in the good company of dear friends and family!

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