Sunday, May 10, 2009

Snip, snip, snip!

Rosabelle went for her first haircut yesterday! Well, her first 'haircut' was at her full month where I snipped a few strands of her hair to keep in an angpow, just for significance.

However, Wayne has been urging me to get her hair snipped off so that it will grow out better - she has long locks of hair that make her hair uneven, and I told my sis her sides look like guppy fins, heh!

So we found this store in the magazine, called MelonKids, at The Place in Beijing, which specially cuts kids' hair, and went there in the evening. Turns out we had to wait for two hours in the car as she fell asleep going into the carpark. As I was afraid to wake her up and make her grouchy for her first haircut, we decided to let her sleep on, as I thought it would only be a short nap. Turned out she took a long nap, and by the time we reached the store, it was 30 minutes to closing time at 9:30pm!

Well, it beats her being sleepy and cranky and crying during her first haircut! She was curious about the surroundings of the hairdresser's that had children's cartoons playing, child play seats and toys lying around - shots of her 6.5 months old hair for memory's sake!
The hairdresser, a guy with super toxic bad breath, then stuffed cotton balls into her ears so that the razor sounds will not sound too scary to her.
And then cropped off the first locks as Wayne carried her on his lap...
With the middle part shaved off, she looks like some cranky but formidable martial arts exponent....
As Mr. Dustbin Breath shaved off her locks, I kept telling her how brave she was, and distracted her with my cold glass bottle of Dole grape juice.
This is what the shaver looks like...
And ta-dah! A clean shaven head! Mr. Dustbin Breath said if she has serious cradle cap, they would advise giving a clean shave (like Shaolin monks). Luckily her cradle cap has since cleared, and she looked absolutely cute and nun-like!

Mr. Dustbin Breath wasn't very aware of his health issue, and suddenly reached out to carry Rosabelle - our poor girl was sweet and nice about being carried and didn't even cry at being carried by a stranger, foul-smelling breath or not. He even blew onto her face to clear the fine hairs that landed on her forehead - can die, how toxic!

Anyway, we quickly settled the bill (RMB120!!!), and he gave us two small satchets of her hair that he kept, asking if we wanted to make paint brushes out of it. So, not, interested. Even if we were, we did not want to risk inhaling more toxic fumes than necessary and quickly left.
This is Rosabelle that night, enjoying her cool, clean hair and looking even more like a cute little boy now!
I can't resist running my palms over her soft hair nowadays!

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