Friday, May 8, 2009

Never again

Nanny was scraping apple to feed Rosabelle just now, and she gagged slightly because she had too much in her mouth and did not swallow fast enough. Just when I told the nanny we need to slow down the feeding to allow her time to swallow, she wanted to again hold the apple and gum on it.

I was holding the apple for her and then I heard her choke, and she was coughing for a few seconds till her eyes watered and her face turned red. Her gums are now hard enough to actually bite off a bit of the apple, and a small chunk might have come off and she choked slightly on it.

Phew! Gave me a good fright - dear daughter, you can wail all you want when you see Mummy eating the apple next time but never again am I going to let you gum on it already...

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