Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Growing & outgrowing

There were strong winds this morning, and after a tiring night where she (again!) slept only at 1 am after playing, we thought she would wake up late.
However, there was the sound of knock-knock-knocking again this morning from our neighbours at 7-plus, and I could hear her tossing and turning. Afraid she will be woken up grouchy, I threw on my sweater and went upstairs to search for the inconsiderate neighbour. Nope, it's not from the 11th floor (we stay on the 10th). So I went downstairs - it came from the 9th floor and this aunty opened the door when I knocked on it. I told her it's too early for renovations and my baby has been woken up crying (ok, I exaggerated). Not sure what dialect she was speaking, but I figured her husband was trying to fix up a cupboard and the nails are very long and require alot of knocking...blah, blah, blah. Not that I care. So I told them to do their knocking later - so much for retirees with too much time on their hands and DIY-ing after their dawn qigong exercises...sheesh!

Anyway, when I came home from the mild 'confrontation', Rosabelle had already woken up at around 8 am, but was in a good mood, so we played for awhile before bringing her down.

Now, Rosabelle has always been on the high percentile of her height and weight for her age. (E.g. her weight's 97th percentile, meaning for 100 baby girls of the same age, there are only 3 heavier than her.) However, there's no risk of being overweight nor over-feeding as she was on full breast milk for 6 months, so no health issues there, just a matter of her growing well from being such a happy baby, I think - heh!

Why I'm detracting is because I was looking for thicker pants for her to wear outside because of the strong winds, and I took out a pair of terry cloth pants that I thought would cover her knees at least - the nanny said I underestimate my daughter and true enough, it did not even cover her thighs! Ok, bad judgement.

So I took out another pair of pants stated for '9 to 12 months old', and was afraid it would cover her feet and presto, it fit just snugly! Sheesh...looks like I need to sort through the 'one-year-old and above' bag of clothes one of these days to see if there is anything she can and should already be wearing...
She isn't exactly a morning person and when she saw the auntie whom she performed for the other day, she didn't do her song and dance routine, and was rubbing her eyes on my shoulder when I carried her.
When I put her back into the pram and tilted it back, she fell asleep within 10 seconds! We left her in the pram (took a 45-minute nap) when we got back, within which I had the chance to acquaint with our new neighbour - an elderly couple were speaking to the contractor, and they actually bought the place for their son, and their daughter-in-law's expecting (giving birth in September). The young couple are professionals as well, and with the pregnancy on the way, it means they will not be doing major renovations (just re-painting the house) - yaaaay!

Thank goodness for decent neighbours, last thing I want are some loud-mouthed folks who open their doors during summer blasting their TV at maximum volume and smoking whilst playing mahjong (yes, our ex-neighbour at times were like that)...

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