Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backtrack 9: Rollin’ good times!

(Delayed posting due to swine flu.)

On Tuesday 19 May, the nanny told me to look at Rosabelle playing on the bed – apparently, she was trying to curve her other leg inwards whilst sitting down, getting ready to prone herself down into a crawling position. I’d actually noticed this position of her for a few days already, but it did not strike me as a development phase of her getting ready to crawl.She was also starting to roll a lot on the bed, at times rolling three times in succession – no way can we leave her alone on the big bed nowadays! She’d actually been trying to roll over from tummy position since early May, just that I did not really pay attention to it, but when I saw her at work on Sunday, I realized she was trying all along to figure out where to place her arms and arch her butt so she would not get stuck rolling. Good girl for having so much perseverance!

This is how she gingerly tries to balance on both arms when sitting these days.

Talking of rolling, I had a ‘roll’ myself on Monday 18 May, on my way back from the bank, on the way for my facial. There was a slope outside the bank and maybe my silly Puma slippers were not non-slip enough, but I missed a footing and fell sideways and landed hard on my right knee, and when I broke my fall with my palms, they also took the hit. I ended up with a slightly grazed knee and palms, and now have bruises. @#$%!… thank goodness I wasn’t carrying Rosabelle man…

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