Friday, May 15, 2009

Doing the Auntie things

This morning, Wayne gave me a lift to the supermarket before he to work. It's been awhile since I woke up early to specially go to the supermarket (last time I followed my mum to the wet market on Sunday mornings 'just for fun' was when I was in primary school!).

I've been wanting to get Rosabelle a sippy cup for the longest time as she just pours water over herself with the two-handled cup she uses now. There were other groceries I also needed to get, like Chinese yam root (山药) that we will put into her porridge when we start her on that on Sunday - supposed to whet her appetite; and Heinz teething biscuits for her.

We also needed rice for the house (we don't cook in the house at all, other than her food, and the only rice I have are for 'luck' - i.e. filled up two containers full of rice and supposed to keep it that way).

There were full of other aunties and old ladies at the supermarket, jostling at the wet foods section for the best deals. I was probably (one of) the youngest folks there, and just short of haggling prices, I would probably be deemed a full-fledged auntie for spending the start of my weekend buying groceries (sheesh!).

By the time I came home, poor Rosabelle was already woken up by the knocking of the renovations of our next-door neighbour. To be fair, the old lady next door knocked on my door before I left, telling me there would be loud knocking for about 10 minutes, and excused themselves for scaring the baby. When I left, the nanny was trying to pat her back to sleep, but guess she still woke up in the end.

Just only, she was yet again woken up from her afternoon nap by some drilling next door. Poor girl... but the nanny said she is such a good child; smiling and in a good mood quickly after being woken up. She said other children would normally still be crying hard if they had their sleep being disturbed. This is her enjoying her banana treat shortly after waking up, and peeking back at me to play with me.
Add to that her incessant waking up in the middle of the night to play (woke up from 12:30 till 1:45 am last night - poor nanny!), hopefully she won't become too grouchy from the lack of rest! Really hope the neighbours get their knocking done over the weekend when we are out!


Piggy Family said...

Hey, Wendy, hope you, Wayne and Rosabelle are all ok. Haven't seen updates at your blog for 1 week plus so got a bit worried. Your family not there yet right? They are going over during June hols? Or you went travelling? ;)

Wendy Loh said...

I'm back...with a vengeance!!! Knock yourself out with my multiple entries, and find out why I went 'MIA' ($!%#!!!

Piggy Family said...

haha, oic, technical problems with blogspot. I'm still trying to catch up on avalanche of posts. Glad everything is fine. Enjoy yourself when your family is in town. I'm sure Rosabelle will be so happy to have her cousins playing with her again. I'm going to penang from 18-21 June too. By the way, I should be having another princess based on 12 weeks scan. :)