Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backtrack 1: To top it all…

(Delayed posting due to swine flu.)

Whenever we go out, we will let Rosabelle don a cap. At the end of winter, it was to protect her from the cold. Now that summer is here, it’s to shield her eyes from the sun, and the walk to the car at the basement is quite chilly as well.

Whenever we place the hat/cap on her, she will shriek excitedly, as she knows that’s the code for going out. On Friday night (15 May), after Wayne and I came back from our dinner date, she might have missed us, and started to shriek excitedly when she saw us come home. It was our daughter’s way of welcoming us, and of telling us she is happy to have us at home, I guess!

Her excitement peaked when I took out some caps to see if they fitted her. Alas, my girl, it was too late to go out. This hyperactivity went on till 12 midnight, and I think she must have been exhausted – the nanny was tired out from the evening walk as well as Rosabelle was dancing and shrieking excitedly and refused to let the nanny stop dancing in accompaniment. Rosabelle had a good, sound sleep till 12 noon the next day on Saturday!

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