Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've met my match

I have (proudly) told some folks before that when I was in primary school, I was the winner of a competition that required participants to talk non-stop for one full minute on any given topic - without repeating similar contents or having pauses/fillers.

I have met my match, or at least I think so (though she repeats the content).

Rosabelle does not like the bottle much, but she's been doing quite a good job with the nanny lately. However, she still acts up at times and will cry and reject the bottle. The other day, whilst I was in the room (I have to hide whenever she's given the bottle, or she will look for me instead), the nanny went on and on and on until she finished the whole bottle. Sometimes I wonder if Rosabelle is taking the easy way out to stop the 'nagging', and I even thought that the nanny switched on the TV because the talking went on non-stop - haha! But hey, whatever works, right?

The nanny will say cute things to Rosabelle like:
  • This meal is from the bottle - if you don't eat, you can just go hungry.
  • Stop looking for Mummy. Mummy's not here, but if you finish, Ayi will carry you to look for Mummy. Has Mummy gone missing? Let's go out to bring her back if she's lost.
  • This milk is also from Mummy, it's just that we are changing a mode of feed.
  • This milk belongs only to Yue Yue, and nobody else - it's not for Big Kor Kor (Simon) or Big Jieh Jieh (Marianne).
  • Tell Ayi if you are hungry. You did not eat for X hours, are you sure you're not hungry?
  • You don't wish to eat? Ok, let's throw away the milk - you sure you want Ayi to throw away the milk?
  • If you finish this, Ayi and Mummy will bring you out for a walk.

The nanny's really patient and I have to take my hat off to her - so this is Rosabelle enjoying her walk after the milk from the bottle, staring intently at children riding on bicycles (as Ayi told her 'Ayi promised you to take you out - we adults have to keep our promises to little children, so let's go out' - so cute!). We brought the nanny out on Thursday night for a 'Labour Day' dinner in appreciation, and I gave her a pair of brand new sports shoes I've never worn before, heh!

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