Thursday, May 14, 2009

People person

We've been seeing alot of Rosabelle's friends in the park lately, one of whom is sweet Mi Dou, who is always eager to trot gingerly towards Yue Yue meimei. Rosabelle will similarly respond with a smile, by leaning forward, or reaching her hands out.
However, of late, she has been enjoying coming out of the pram and being carried by the nanny and I, so that she can have a panaromic view of the scenery and on-goings around her.
At home too, she likes to be carried up whilst on the sofa so she can peek at us at the dining table...
And make cheeky faces as well.

Just yesterday, I had her dressed (coincidentally, of course) in a purple flower top with yellow shorts, matching the colors of her activity station. She has a firm grip, and yesterday broke off the connecting tab on the butterfly that she likes to pluck off the top of this station.

This hyperactivity unfortunately got carried over (again!) to the night, where she slept 'early' enough at 12am, but was awake and wanted to play at 3 am! Further, she will cry if I let the nanny carry her to try and rock her to sleep, so I have to carry her... or lie beside her and make sure I am in full view when the nanny is carrying her. Yawn....

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