Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh, Holy Coke

This is our daughter becoming addicted to Coke (Coca-Cola, not cocaine) at a tender age.

The cold, cold can is relief for her aching gums...

as she looks at me with much gratitude for providing her with something so 'cool'...

*Note: Following details are gory, not for the faint-hearted nor for those who have just eaten/planning to eat!*

And as she sat in the Fisher Price chair, watching the nanny and I eat, she let out some loud farts. The nanny and I made 'nnnng, nnng' sounds to encourage her to shit, as she has not had any bowel movements since last Friday (it's not constipation). We could see she was making effort to poo, but when the nanny peeked down her diaper, she did not see anything. However, when I carried her up, there was that unmistakable smell.

When we removed her diaper, I got reminded of curry paste - thick and yellowish - haha (see, told you it's gory!). I even saw reddish specks and got a shock, thinking the chilli I'd eaten had gotten into her system, when I remembered she had been having
carrots these few days for lunch. Looks like the banana worked for her as we've been feeding her the fruit these two days, and the Fisher Price seat is really like a toilet bowl to her - yaay!

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