Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Angels in our lives

My ex-boss from StarHub, Jeannie, sent me an email this morning, titled 'Sharing moments like this...'


This morning on the bed, three of us (she, her husband Ming, and her son Ryan) asked Rachel what present does she want for her 6th birthday - she said "don't need".
I probed further - tell us what present do you want?
Her reply: "I don't want you to waste your money. I don't need anything.I have everything already."
Ming asked her: "You have everything already?"
She said: "I have Mummy, Daddy, Gor Gor, I have everything already!"
Ryan's reply: "You sure know how to make people cry!"
Then he told me: "Mummy, don't tell Rae but I've used my pocket money to buy her a book as her birthday present!"
She really has such sweet kids - this is a photo of the Lim family at our wedding:

And then Jeannie shared further:


When I tucked her into bed earlier, I told Rae that I will come home late tomorrow as we'll be announcing our results. She asked if I will be going overseas soon for investor's meetings and I said no, not this month, next month.
Then she asked me: "Do you know why I don't like you to go overseas?" I said because you'll miss me?
She said, "Yes, I always miss you but I am worried that you will crash into the sea when you travel, so I always pray hard for you that you will be safe when you're overseas."
I was so shocked. I asked her how do you pray and who do you pray to? Now, you ladies must know that I do not have a religion. So I am curious when my daughter says that she prays for me when I am travelling.
Rae's reply: "I just close my eyes, place my two hands together and speak to God from my heart. I tell God not to let Mummy crash into the sea as she is the best thing in my life of all ..."
I hugged her very tightly and I told her that no wonder I always have safe travels - I have an angel looking out for me ...


That's Jeannie with her angel, and of her with my own angel Rosabelle when the latter was about 3 months old (over Chinese New Year).

Speaking of angels, I know angels are also looking out for my ex-colleague and treasured friend, Sin Sin, who has taken ill. She is a strong lady, and keeping her chin up, and I know she will pull through this. I know she enjoys reading my blog, and I'm glad the escapades and anecdotes of Rosabelle is helping to brighten her day. I found this photo of Sin, her daughter Alyson, and myself taken some three years back (before she had her son Justin).

And this is Sin visiting us when Rosabelle was only about 10 days old.
Know that you are always surrounded by family, friends, and angels, Sin. Keep well.

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