Monday, May 11, 2009

We should have guessed...

According to the nanny, Rosabelle was a performer yesterday. She brought her out for her afternoon walk when Wayne and I were out (a new Raffles City has opened in Beijing and has outlets like Toast Box where I can satiate my Singapore food cravings, yaaay!). She shone like a star, singing and dancing to entertain her friends at the park. When she finished with her performance, one of the aunties clasped her hands together to thank Rosabelle, and our daughter has learnt to also say 谢谢by clasping her hands and putting them to her mouth a few times. The auntie was so impressed and amused!

Being in a relatively good mood the whole day, Rosabelle had this look on her face at the last diaper change last night - looking very cheeky, but more like an old lady with no teeth, haha!

After the change and feed, she refused to go back to sleep, and finally went to bed only at 1 am last night, but not before becoming hyper and screaming and playing peekaboo with the nanny when I was carrying her. She was screaming and laughing so hard we could hear her little chest panting, aiyo! Well, at least that tired her out and she had a sound sleep after, but the nanny and I were laughing so hard at her excitement and violent arm-waving (knocked off my spectacles even!).

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