Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eating her Ps

The nanny was worried. Rosabelle was not having any bowel movements for the 6th day straight. We'd fed her spinach juice and banana, to no avail. Yesterday, she made fragrant pear puree for Rosabelle ('I'm going to have to feed her papaya if this still does not work,' I told the nanny).

She enjoyed the sweet taste of the pear, but as there were some hard bits (told the nanny we need to sieve the fruit from now, not just mash it), she choked at times, poor thing. All I can say is that the pear worked wonders and she, er-hem, 'cleared her system' that every evening.

Also, we've been wanting to give her broccoli but the stores aren't selling them - the weather's too hot to stock broccoli, so we had to buy her pak choy (小白菜) to try today. She was starving by the time we returned from the morning walk, and rather impatient.
She took well to the taste of her greens and very quickly finished up the bowl of cereal with pak choy.
When the nanny finished with the last scoop and gave her pak choy water instead, she was angry, really angry. Since the nanny joined us close to a month ago, this was the first time she heard Rosabelle bawl real hard at being angry for not having enough food, and also because she was sleepy. I had to supplement with a feed before she went to sleep, soundly and peacefully.

A hungry baby is really an angry baby.

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