Monday, May 11, 2009

Egg-citing times!

Rosabelle woke up late yesterday, so I did not feed her, but instead have the nanny prepare her cereal straight away. She was going to try egg yolk (a quarter) for the first time, and was patiently waiting in her high chair (well, not that patient as she chewed on her bib...)

She had her first taste of egg yolk with cereal, and made a grimace when she first tried it, but otherwise also loved it and finished it all up!
Nanny said kids don't normally like the pungent taste of the yolk but well, turns out our girl is not a fussy eater (yet! fingers crossed...), and was eager to lap it all up. She'll be trying more eggs for two more days before we go on to a new food, broccoli. However, she's been (again) not pooing since last Wednesday and her farts smell really toxic - doesn't help that it has a bad egg smell now that she's started on eggs!

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