Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backtrack 2: I can remember…

(Delayed posting due to swine flu.)

My mum was one of Rosabelle’s primary caregiver till the latter was 5 months old, when we returned to Beijing. Rosabelle must have vivid memories of her dear Popo, as she will always look towards the photographs pasted on the refrigerator, and especially look at the picture of Popo carrying her when she was smaller. She will also inevitably reach out her tiny fingers to try and pry the photograph away, or perhaps to touch Popo’s face. She also likes the photo of herself with Simon Kor Kor and Marianne Jieh Jieh on an outing to the airport.
We’ve been letting her hold the photos and she will turn it back to front and wonder why there are no visuals or people at the back, and she will never put it in her mouth save for the rare occasion. She will always grip the photos very tightly and look for it if it falls from her hands.
When my mum called last week and she heard Popo’s voice on the speakerphone, she again turned to the direction of the fridge and the photos.

I’m curious what her reaction will be when she meets Popo for the first time again on 3rd or 4th June. Can’t wait… I’m also glad I managed to find a nice two-bedroom apartment for them within my housing development (about 5 minutes walk in the same estate), costing RMB328 per day for my family’s two-week stay here. The previous apartment they stayed in when they were last here in August 2006 costs lesser at RMB280 per day, but is not as well-maintained and rather shabby now. Am sure they will love the new place!

(However, my brother-in-law messaged two days ago to say most of the family now have flu and fever, yikes, hope they will be allowed to board the plane and that they get well soon to enjoy their trip!)

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