Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The natural performer

Our daughter yet again slept close to two yesterday - she is exceptionally hyper at night, but also maybe because she had a two-hour nap in the evening after coming back from her evening walk and taking a bath. During the walk, she made two new friends, A-Man (not 'Aye Man', pronouced 'Ah Man3'), a 10-month-old who loves to warble to the sounds of 'My heart will go on' from her mum's handphone....
and Mi Dou, an 18-month-old who was rather quiet (her nanny said she did not allow her to touch her for the first two months she was with the family).

Rosabelle took some interest in her new friends, wanting to touch them, but was very soon immersed in her own dance steps she had just learnt that afternoon. A-Man did not sing much, nor for long, but Rosabelle did her own dancing for at least 15 minutes straight, regardless of whether anybody was dancing along with her - it was hilarious!
Maybe the work-out was too exhausting for her, that's why she had to take a long nap after her bath, and woke up at night to sing - these days, she screams and warbles along to any tune we sing, but she has yet to master singing and dancing at the same time. Focused, that's what she is-- for now. Haha.

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