Monday, May 11, 2009

How her little mind ticks...

Rosabelle has been wanting to stand alot these days, and one of her favorite activities is to reach for the butterfly toy on top of her activity station, where she will tiptoe and strain her little arms and fingers to grab at it.
When she gets it, she will then give me a satisfied look as she knows I will clap, praise and cheer her on.
The nanny has been a great help, and teaching her alot of things as well. Yesterday, when I was swinging a pelican toy at Rosabelle, she was briefly frightened of it and closed her eyes, and shifted her body slightly behind the nanny to shield herself, but was still curious and kept looking at the pelican. The nanny was so amused and said she is very crafty - she does not cry when frightened, but instead knows to move away from the supposed danger. Haha, so funny!

The nanny's patience is a virtue as she will be explaining the same thing to Rosabelle again and again, but it can be a bane at times as she is equally long-winded (and repetitive) with us adults. I've an ex-colleague who wanted to look for a nanny via her company, and I asked the nanny to recommend one. For a week, I've been hearing the same thing about how she has to look for a good nanny in order not to let us down, how paying slightly more can get you a good nanny, asking when my friend is going to meet the nanny, what she thinks of the nanny..blah blah much so that I regretted going through her. One more word about nanny finding and I am just so going to scream. Arrrgggghhhhh.

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