Saturday, June 27, 2009

A star-studded night

On our usual date night on Friday, Wayne and I went to Sanlitun Village for dinner (it seems to be our de facto place to go when we can't think of anywhere else!), and we wanted to catch Transformers 2 (but gave up after we saw the long queue for the tickets). We saw Christie Chung on our way, and she looks more petite/shorter than she does on screen - have always liked her as I think she has lots of charisma and has a good body, heh!

We tried Let's Burger for dinner, and will definitely head there again regularly! Wayne and I like burgers, and this is a good place to satiate our burger cravings - we had the black pepper steak burger, and also shared their chili fries (the thick, thick kind...ooohh), and a serving of their grilled chicken salad. The banana-lychee smoothie I had was also very yummy!

Whilst there, we saw Guo Jing Jing, China's Olympics diving champion, but she was very low-key with a cap pulled over her face. Very shortly after, who should come to take her seats but our ex-colleagues from Weber Shandwick, a bunch of ladies from the technology team.

After our dinner, whilst walking around, I heard someone calling out to me, and it was yet another ex-colleague, my team member Gloria, with her boyfriend.

Told you it was a star-studded night!

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