Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back to business

With the Singaporean entourage gone, focus of this blog will be back on our dear Rosabelle already, heh!

She tried a few new foods in the past few days, eating snow fish for the first time on 16 June with tofu and carrot, accompanied by a main dish of noodle, brinjal and vegetables - how healthy! Today, as she is due for her measles jab on 28 June, we had to give her egg white to ensure that she has no allergies to it before she can take that vaccination. She woke up early enough and the nanny steamed her an egg yolk, steaming some egg white separately, and fed her half a teaspoon of egg white. Over the next few days, we'll increase the egg white quantity and monitor.

We'd also tried to feed her grapes a few days back but the nanny had peeled them into a bowl for her and she wasn't interested. Just today, she saw me eating grapes and wanted to reach out for them, and actually enjoyed chewing off bits by herself and finished off two grapes on her own! Looks like we have to interest her in new foods by first showing her that we are eating it (or maybe she's scared we will poison her - haha!).

This past week or so, she has not been a good eater, maybe it's due to her teeth coming out, or it's because we've been having so many activities for her that she's distracted, but she will insist on drinking her food from the bowl, regardless of how thick the porridge/noodle/fruit is, and get frustrated if we don't let her drink, or it can't be slurped up.

She also has a tendency to become sleepy after a few spoonfuls, and we have to let her sleep for awhile and warm the food up later when she's awake and in the mood to eat (at times eating dinner during supper time past 10 pm, when most other kids her age are deep in slumberland!). The nanny and I have come up with countless plans/strategies/schedule, only to go back to square one at Rosabelle's whim and fancy.

I also cannot be around during her meals, or she will want me to carry her and cry incessantly until I pick her up (sometimes it's just dry crying - no tears, and she will stop and even smile when I carry her).For yesterday's lunch of sweet potato and pumpkin, she did not like it much and we had to give her some cereal and some biscuits, supplementing with some EBM in a bottle even. Guess she's going through a stage of not eating regualr meals/having change in appetite, so hopefully it'll pass. I'm not too worried yet as she is active, growing well, and most importantly, happy, and babies will take care of themselves and let me know if she is hungry, so it's fine.

She also does not like her usual banana, orange, apple etc, but luckily took to her cherry juice well yesterday. We've had to quickly prepare another fruit for her if she does not like the one we've given her - two adults at the mercy of an 8-month-old - phew!

Nowadays, she likes to climb one whoever's carrying her, stepping pointy-toed on my tummy, and lifting her arms to indicate the direction/object she wants you to go towards. Last night, when carrying her in this position, for a split second, I did not support her back and it was at that moment that she decided to arch backward, and she fell over backwards. Luckily I grabbed her with both arms by her ankles, and quickly supported her back, but the upper half of her body had already fallen all the way to my lower legs. I let out a shriek and quickly brought her upwards, and thank goodness she did not suffer a fright nor more importantly, hit anything. She even smiled after, thinking I was playing with her. I was more in shock than she was and quickly sat her down, more for me to recover from the close shave. Shudder - two hands to carry her at all times now man!

Just this morning, I discovered two mosquito bites on her - one on the arm, and one on the finger. Now wonder she woke so many times last night, and I nursed her, thinking she was hungry, and would cry everytime I put her down, stopping only when either the nanny or I carried her up to pat her to sleep. Must have been the itch and the damned mosquito - I quickly looked for the electical mosquito repellant this morning to place in the room to switch on when she's asleep (but the smell is rather strong). The damned, sneaky mozzie must have flew in through the main door, or nested on us when we were outside, and could not have come in through the windows as we have wire mesh to prevent such summer insects from flying in. I hate mozzies!!!

Just when I thought the worst was over, she woke up from her morning nap with streaks on her cheek!
Until I realized it was caused by her sleeping on her own fingers..heh. If I wasn't at home and didn't know any better, I'd have thought the nanny abused her and slapped her - haha!

The nanny is very nice and patient, loving towards her, and Rosabelle also knows the nanny is good for patting her to sleep, not sticking to me when she's sleepy, but instead looking towards the nanny to carry her and rock her to sleep. The other day, when Simon was being playful and got a tongue-lashing from my mum, Rosabelle was actually also making noise and wanting me to carry her. However, the nanny was sitting her on her lap and changing her clothes, and when she saw/heard my mum's angry scolding, she also quitened and actually squirmed into the nanny's arms to get protection from her - she must have thought she was being told off by my mum as well. If only the nanny can protect her from the irritating mozzies!

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