Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our angel

The nanny has a favourite song for Rosabelle, called <<春天在哪里>> (Where is the Spring?). One of the mummies in the park sang it for Rosabelle a month back, and the nanny has been singing it to her eversince, especially when she is about to sleep. However, the nanny only knows one verse of the song, and will 'lalalala' through the rest of the lyrics (think broken record mode). So Wayne decided to download and print out the lyrics so that Rosabelle (and we) can listen to more than just repeated 'lalala's.

On Sunday, Wayne played the song from the laptop and Rosabelle grabbed onto the dining chair and bent her legs to dance, looking at the nanny for inspiration as she did her little jig.
She now has pretty good imitation skills, wanting to move her tongue when she saw me fold my tongue into a U-shape, and is able to mouth 'Baba' and 'Mama' very clearly, surprising the grandmothers in the yard area as she can enunciate quite well. Sometimes she even whispers the words, as in the past, when she woke at night, the nanny will mouth the words to her softly so as not to wake us up, so Rosabelle has also learnt to speak softly at times.
Just yesterday, she was playing with the activity station on her new Fisher Price walker to wagon toy she got from Zhu Li's house, and she actually said 'car'. The nanny did not understand and thought she was repeating the sound that was made when she hit the block on the floor (a 'kah!' sound). I told her it's an English word, and Rosabelle could have seen the wheels on the walker and thought it was a car. Haha!

She also knows how to turn light switches on and off, beaming with delight when she successfully switches on the walk-in wardrobe room light and looking up at the light excitedly.

Just when I think our daughter is a genius, she amazingly peed crystals yesterday! Or so I thought, having read an entry on Xiaxue's blog about her dog peeing crystals (or so she thought as well), a blog I follow regularly for her funny ramblings. I was changing Rosabelle's diapers yesterday and I saw transparent, speckly spots at the top of her crotch - I quickly called the nanny and thought she could be peeing crystals, or worse, salt! I was almost immediately reassured when the nanny told me the diaper was over-full and thus leaked some of the absorbent chemicals. Gee, just when I thought our daughter's an angel... oh well.

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