Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Excuse me, are you a model?

On Monday 8 June, it rained for practically the whole day (since the night before - with loads of thunder/lightning to boot), and we brought my family out for Yunnan food at 一坐一忘 near Sanlitun. My family enjoyed the food as much as the rustic ambience, and taking photographs around the restaurant entrance. However, it's at least 5 flights of steps to get to the resturant, and carrying an almost 9kg weight load on my arms is sure no mean feat!
Unfortunately, Rosabelle got hungry half-way through my meal, and I had to nurse her in a separate room (only to be disrupted on at least 4 different occasions by various wait staff who accidentally (or maybe purposely???) went into the room - luckily I had enough experience in this and always face the chair towards the wall when nursing. She fell asleep in my arms, so I could not finish my lunch since I wanted to go back to the car to let her rest properly, and decided to bravely endure 5 flights of slippery, steep steps down with a sleeping, 9kg load in my arms, only to have her woken up by some shouting on our way down (@#%$^!!!). In any case, it was still raining, so I decided to just wait in the car and change her diapers (nursing/changing diapers in the car whilst on the go is the norm for me these days...).
Since it was a wet day, I decided to have indoor activities for my family - i.e. shopping! Since our home was on the way to the
factory outlets area, Wayne dropped Rosabelle and I off at home first so the girl could rest (she's been out for the past few days with no proper afternoon naps). Ended up that she actually slept for 3 straight hours whilst my family did some shopping (only Dad got a pair of New Balance shoes).
We'd arranged for our photographer friend to come help us take some family and Rosabelle photographs (he'd nicely offered to help take for Rosabelle some time back, and we decided to time the photo-taking with my family's visit), and when his team (yes, with two lighting assistants as well!) arrived at 5:45pm, our VIP princess was still deep in sleep! So we ended up taking different combinations of photographs first - Loh family, Simon, Marianne, Simon+Marianne, Wayne+I... right until Rosabelle awoke only close to 7 pm.

I was at first afraid that she would not be in the most conducive mood for a photo shoot as (i) she'd just woken up, (ii) there were so many strangers in the house which looked slightly different as we'd shifted the furniture around for the shoot, and (iii) she'd be hungry as her last feed was close to 4 hours ago, and that it'd affect
her first taste of fish later on. But our happy baby did not let us down! After the nanny changed her into her dress, even with eyes still puffy from a long nap, she had a ready smile, and was a natural in front of the camera, sitting long enough on her own for her individual portfolio.

I can't wait to see the pictures!

After the shoot wrapped up, the nanny bathed her after she finished up her fish porridge, and finally managed to join Wayne and I for dinner as we brought my family out for (more) Yunnan food (I unwittingly took them to two Yunnan restuarants in a day, but of course the food was slightly different and we ordered a variety of dishes). Mum was still hankering after the thought of piping hot steamboat on a cold, rainy day, and wanted to go back to
海底捞 we had on Sunday night, but we decided to bring them to 三个贵州人 for fish steamboat instead. They also enjoyed the great food.
Upon reaching home, Rosabelle was sleepy all over again (despite her long afternoon nap) and very quickly fell asleep after I nursed her. Must be exhausting being a model, and from all the excitement over the past few days!

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