Monday, June 8, 2009

Typical Singaporean day

My family had a typical day yesterday, starting off with grocery shopping at Tesco hypermart just 3 minutes away from our apartments, where they also visited the baby mart below it. The three ladies (mum, sis, and Marianne) went home with a stash of fruits, books, and toys, whilst Wayne returned with some fish for Rosabelle (nanny's making that for her today). (Simon, the homebody, preferred to stay home and watch his DVD cartoons with my Dad accompanying him.)
After lunch at 松鹤楼, we brought them to Qianmen to see the newly-refurbished old CBD area and is now home to alot of traditional, local brands and quaint buildings. Alas, the two princesses (Rosabelle and Marianne) were asleep when we went there, and my sis and I had to stay on in the car. Simon, my parents and Wayne walked around the area for less than 15 minutes, where they returned with only a cheesecake (so much for taking a piece of tradition with them). Qianmen would have been a nice place to sightsee and look around, but guess it's hard to plan with kids around!
At night, we brought them to the renowned 海底捞 steamboat restaurant at Sanlitun area, where we enjoyed a feast of good food, great service, and some entertainment in the form of the 'Aunty who dances while making noodles', and seeing each other in aprons that protect our clothing from the food splatter. My family was impressed with the service that included giving them individual spectacle cloths to wipe the steam from their lenses (and apparently they also give little plastic satchets for you to put your mobile phones into to protect the devices from the food as well).
Rosabelle could not make it for dinner as she was sleeping (Again! 4 days in a row! So much for being a good host!) but just as well, the strong smell, the smoke, and the chaos of so much food would not have been very suitable for her too. Shopping and eating - told you it's a typical Singaporean day.

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