Monday, June 1, 2009

Saying no

We fed Rosabelle kiwi for the first time on 29 May, and like her reaction to cherries, she screwed up her face as well as it tasted sour, but unlike the time when she managed to drink more cherry juice, she refused to go beyond 3 sips of kiwi juice.

The nanny even tried to mix it with some apple juice to sweeten it, and eventually gave up and offered just apple juice, which she also refused (maybe she felt it would be sour too). Hmmm... hopefully this isn't a sign of fussiness over foods, but just a case of her not having sour taste buds, heh!

She also had chicken for the first time on 28 May, where the nanny mashed chicken breast into her noodles for her -turns out she likes it. Good, now to look for ngor fish in China and get her started on the good protein foods!

But I sure am not looking forward to cleaning her poop as I heard once she starts on such 'adult' foods, her poo will stink. She did not poop for 6 days since last Sunday, but on Saturday, poo-ed 4 times, one of which was massive. Of these few times, she actually grimaced and looked at me to whimper/cry slightly while poo-ing, but her stools were not hard. Hopefully it's only because she has all along been used to watery, breastfeeding stools, and not having constipation. The nanny and I took no chances and offered her more vegetable soup, banana, and pear over the next few days.

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