Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crackers for babyface

Rosabelle tried some crackers for the first time today – not exactly the teething kind, but those that she can practise her chewing upon (and test her small hand-picking/manipulation skills). On our walk this morning, an aunty offered her biscuits, which she took gingerly from the Tupperware, and was frustrated I did not let her eat. So we took out the Wakodo animal crackers biscuit Wayne bought from the baby mart previously, and she liked it enough to take two pieces. I also took a taste of it and it was not sweet/oily, but smelt nice, heh! A-man’s mother also emailed me the photos she took of Rosabelle yesterday – her close-ups look so cute! As Ah Man’s mum said, only with baby’s skin can you do such close-ups, magnify it, and not have to do massive photo touch-ups to conceal any flaws!

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