Monday, June 1, 2009

Doing her pirouette

Whenever the nanny is home alone with Rosabelle, and she wants to warm up expressed milk for her (or cook), she will place her in the stroller (the safest place for her now). This is her doing a series of 90 degrees leg stretches whilst waiting patiently.

We usully schedule the bottle feed for the afternoon, but the nanny wanted to do a test and see if her frequent night waking up for feeds (almost 2-hourly last night, at times can stretch for 4 hours) is due to her need for comfort sucking, or whether it's because my milk supply has dwindled and she's hungry.

So her last feed for tonight was 150ml of expressed milk from the bottle - let's see what our little experiment tells us tomorrow...

Just this afternoon, even after a fulfilling lunch, she wanted to suckle to sleep, and when I was nursing her, the nanny remarked standing at her side 'I'm going to beat your backside, you only want Mummy to nurse you to sleep'. Rosabelle then turned to look at the nanny with a cheeky look and turned away quickly to nurse again. The nanny continued 'See, you are not hungry, you just want Mummy to nurse you for nothing', and when Rosabelle looked up, she took the chance to carry her up and pat her to sleep. There were cries of protest for about a minute, after which she went to sleep...soundly...for 2.5 hours!

At times like this, I am in a dilemma as to whether to let her cry, or to nurse her to sleep. I worry about being a bad mother for turning a deaf ear to her cries, and have read about how nursing your child to sleep is comforting for her, and she can drink something good at the same time, so why not? But on the other hand, I also agree it's a bad habit to break, and many times, she has woken shortly after to find I am not nursing her already and will start crying. But if she just fell asleep on her own, she will not wake up with such crying, so yes, in the long-term, it's good for her, and good for my beauty sleep, heh.

Speaking of crying, the nanny prepared brinjal for the first time for her to try with her noodle for dinner tonight. Rosabelle liked it, but was again rubbing her eyes and seemingly sleepy during the meal, and making whiney noises at times. Until I came out and she started reaching her arms out to me and became all alert and non-sleepy again. The nanny tried to amuse her and pretended to cry and cover her own face with her hands. Rosabelle was so sweet - she quickly pried the nanny's hands away and
placed her forehead onto the nanny's to seemingly comfort her (Wayne experimented on her later and she did the same thing). Girls - always are more sensitive and in touch with emotions, huh?

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