Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Self-made bowling ball

That's our girl these days, refusing to take her fruit juices, but would instead prefer to take the whole fruit and chew/hold/bite. The nanny prepared honeydew juice for her this evening, but she did not take a single drop, until I gave her the whole fruit to hold, and she pierced a hole in the fruit and wanted to chew at it. I asked the nanny to put the pureed bits onto the honeydew itself and I held it for her so she could eat the bits off the fruit. Gee.
She does have good chewing skills these days, like when the nanny let her try black fungus for the first time yesterday to include in her noodles with brinjal, potato, and vegetables (with a side dish of snow fish with tofu) - how yummy! The black fungus was rather springy (I tried a little after), and she seemed to enjoy the texture. Well, looks like we have to give her more chewy/finger foods these days!

Speaking of foods, we encountered a most evil thing this morning when playing with the other kids in the yard downstairs. We suddenly heard a ear-shattering 'PNNNNG!!!' sound, and turned to see that someone had sent a watermelon crashing down from upstairs. The other grandmothers said it was not the first time this killer litter idiot was at work - he/she had thrown pumpkins and hangers down before, most likely because he/she did not like the sound of happy children playing downstairs and wanted to cause harm and/or scare the poor kids. My goodness, how sickening can such people get?! Anyway, the nanny and I have made a mental note to stay away from the sides of the buildings henceforth. What a spasticated moron he/she is!

I have nothing against people who do not like kids, but think those who want to deliberately cause harm to such innocent children are sick to the core. Sheesh!

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