Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dirty D's

Early this morning, at around 4-plus, I heard Rosabelle crying in her cot and awoke to find her sitting in a corner with her hands around the cot bars. I carried her up, thinking she wanted to feed, but instead found that her diaper had leaked and she had urine on her pants and the cot. I then quickly asked the nanny to change her and wash the sheets whilst I was nursing her.

Nanny said if babies wet the bed, we should not make a fuss of it and not make any mention of it, as they are already embarrased enough, and in Rosabelle's case, that's the reason why she was sitting in a corner and crying out to me. Early realisation of her pees...hmmm...will she be potty-trained early then? Am not holding my breath - for these kinds of things, I'll go according to her timing/schedule and not force anything on her.

As for why her diaper leaked, it could very likely be because we've changed back to Mamy Poko as we had left-overs before we started buying in bulk the promotional-priced new Pampers. When the Pampers finished, we switched back to Mamy Pok a few days back, but I realize it's not as comfy, and as proven in this case, not as absorbent enough to last through the night. The new Pampers is pricier, but well, what price comfort, and in this case, less hassle from not having to clean up the bed?...

Still on diapers, I hope Rosabelle isn't having a case of the runs. Eversince she started on solids, she has not had a day of runny stools similar to breastfeeding poop. But this morning, and just now after dinner, she had runny stools, and does not seem to be feeding well today.

Yet again, it could be my cooking (where I think I again over-cooked the steamed egg breakfast as it's much drier and with more air bubbles than that cooked by the nanny). However, she also did not want to eat banana or even her favourite grapes for tea-time just now. She also did not finish the pumpkin/carrot lunch, and we had to sieve it as she did not seem to want to chew the chunks in it. For dinner, Vanessa nicely prepared frozen casserole of chicken/carrot/potato/leek (trying for the first time, and the nanny was afraid leek would cause the runs), with some organic vegetable oil. When I warmed it up, I thought the smell was rather strong, and true enough, Rosabelle did not go beyond 5 spoonfuls, and we ended up having to feed her plain cereal - yikes!

Poor girl, after her second poop, she seemed to have reddish skin at the diaper area, and we had to apply the stronger Desitin (we usually use Drapolene). Hopefully the redness, and especially the runs, will clear tomorrow, and she's still cheery and active, but just in case, we're not going to offer her any new foods, or any poo-inducing foods/fruits over the next few days until she's confirmed to be fine...

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