Thursday, July 9, 2009

In captivity with the animals

When we got Rosabelle her own cot bed in April, we also bought two sets of bedding. Even though we change her sheets fortnightly, we have not been changing the bed skirting, just having the nanny vacuum it once a week. The nanny was advising me that too much chemicals at the dry-cleaner's isn't necessarily a good thing - don't know why, but I think there's some truth in that.

However, at the last sheets change, I decided to take out the new bed skirting, and guess what, she seems to prefer, or rather, love, this new skirting featuring bright pictures of zoo animals!
When the nanny was patting her to sleep on her bed for her afternoon nap yesterday, she even opened her eyes to point out the lion and elephant to the nanny. Guess because the nanny has been teaching her alot of things and pointing them out to her, she could also be asking the nanny to tell her about the animals on the bed.
Just this morning, after she woke up, the nanny would also carry her up to rock her gently to see if she wanted to sleep further. Surprisingly, she cried whilst being carried, but immediately stopped when the nanny put her back onto the bed so she could continue to see and play with her animal friends!
She's happy to just roll/sit around playing with her new-found buddies, and admiring the room from the comfort of her bed.
And of course, when she sees my camera, she will get distracted and give me a 'I want to snatch that!' face.
Looks like our daughter is entirely happy with being behind bars!

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