Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little Miss Amazing

Rosabelle did a couple of 'amazing' things (well, at least in the eyes of her ardent fan, her mother, yours truly) in the past few days.

On our evening walk yesterday, I brought her to watch people playing basketball, with her seated comfortably in her stroller. A few minutes into the observation (she seemed to enjoy watching), she started patting her hand onto the handle of her stroller, seemingly mimicking the action of bouncing a ball. I went ‘Bounce, bounce, bounce the basketball’, and she again patted her hand as she watched the men in action.

Today, I found out that she is able to point out things to me, like when I asked her to point out the dog(s), bird(s) to me, she will (almost randomly) point her stubby index finger out. According to the nanny, she has picked up the skill of pointing for awhile now, pointing at the house clock when the nanny asks her what time is it.

More amazingly (I should stop using this word, I know), after she looked at the birds, she looked at me and I went ‘Bird…bird…bird…’ for about 10 times (before somebody thinks I’m a cuckoo bird), and she went ‘Buh’, following the ‘B’ sound of the word! Thinking it was a fluke, I again repeated ‘bird…bird…bird…’ to her, and she was observing my lips closely and went ‘Buh’ again!! (double exclamation marks intended)

Before I could burst with joy, we went round to watch an older girl and her dad feeding the fishes in the pond. The girl jumped in glee at seeing the fishes come to her, and Rosabelle was similarly excited, looking at the girl and chuckling, dancing happily in her stroller, as if wanting to initiate contact and make friends. I’m glad she has picked up a sociable streak and is friendly to most people/strangers.

Today as well (I know, it’s a day of awakening, I tell you!), I noticed she knew how to come down from a sofa/bed. A few days back, and this morning as well, after I’d placed her on the living room sofa, she had wanted to come down, and placed herself carefully at the edge of the seat as she stuck her butt out and positioned one leg down at a time before her toes touched the ground. Of course, I was sitting behind her all this time to support her. However, this evening, on the bed, she again repeated the same action at least three times, and always greeted me with a cheerful grin whenever her feet touched the floor, so I am very inclined to believe she has picked up the skill of gingerly climbing down and placing her feet onto the ground (hurray!).

Before you think we have raised a WOW child, as she was sitting on the floor and wanted to surge forward to crawl, she went head first and head-butted the ground with a ‘DOOONGGG!’ sound. Ouch, that sounded painful, but I decided not to play it up and just picked her up, pretended nothing had happened and asked her to look out the window and see the other children playing downstairs. It’s true that if you don’t make a fuss over such minor falls/knocks, children will also not play up their cries, and Rosabelle really just stopped crying after only about 5 seconds of ‘Waaahhhh’. Haha, but it does take some resolve to not sayang/smother her with kisses and TLC after seeing your baby fall – she even had a slight swelling and red mark for about 15 minutes after, but I know that at least I’ll be raising a tougher child, heh!

Guess with kids, every ordinary day will turn out to be special and extraordinary as they will never fail to amaze (ya, third time I'm using this word)!

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