Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My blue (suede) shoes

We finally convinced Rosabelle to today put on the new pair of shoes the nanny bought for her. Well, we didn't leave her with much of a choice - we put her in the stroller first so she couldn't reach at and pull off the shoes, and I purposely left her box of shoes in the shoe cabinet yesterday, and let her watch the nanny put on her own shoes, before 'psyching' Rosabelle that she also had her own pair of shoes to wear.

That's her with her fake Nikes...and after some time, she stopped squirming about it (but it didn't stay on for long as it was a size too big and dropped off...heh).
Here to admire Rosabelle's new shoes today include her ardent admirer, Da Niu, who always has a ready smile (and drool) for us. (The wet patch on his romper is not caused by drinking water - it's his drool...)
And this is Bao Bao, a 10.5 month old boy whose parents religiously shave his hair bald so that it'd grow out more nicely. And he was frightened off by Rosabelle's fierce screaming on a previous occasion when she wanted to protect her own fan, and Bao Bao made the mistake of trying to snatch it from her, yikes! He has a hearty chuckle and wave for all and sundry, and likes to move his fingers in a way like as if he's counting something, so I always ask him to calculate and give me some auspicious numbers to buy 4D, or ask him to calculate to see if it would rain today...
This is Xi Xi, a one-year-old girl whose bike got accosted by Mai Dou the other day. She is cleverly sitting in the comfort of her own pram today to avoid such playground confrontation/battles.
And that's 17-month-old Xiao Pang, who looks exactly like his mother with his chubby cheeks and lovely smile.
This is a small one - four-month-old Niu Niu - who always enjoys sleeping outdoors in his pram (alot of kids sleep outdoors these days as the summer heat is wilting those who stay indoors - we have to trail Rosabelle with a fan, or switch on the living room aircon when she sleeps in the afternoons and it gets too warm).
20-month-old Qi Qi is very sweet, and has a 'ballet dancer tummy' that makes her look so cute. She is one of those who will come up to me and call me 'Ayi' and greet Rosabelle when she sees us. She is dressed particularly in a frock today as her mum's friend had commented Qi Qi looks like a boy...(I also get alot of that from people who see Rosabelle, as she's rather large for her age, and looks tough with her short hair, haha!)
Rosabelle enjoys watching and interacting with the other children, and playing with the bigger kids has paid off. Just today, she was screaming and pointing excitedly at a small Anpanman learning toy car that the other kids share in the yard, so we put her on it. As luck would have it, we forgot to wear her shoes for her in the evening, but once she got onto the car, she immediately tip-toed and arched her toes to try to reach the ground and make sweeping movements in a bid to move the car forwards. When it didn't move, she went 'Eh! Eh! Eh!' and rocked her upper body forwards to try to propel it ahead even.
Many of the guardians commented that she must have picked this up from observing the other children do the same thing, and some kids at one year of age did not even take an interest in such cars, so she must really know how to enjoy playing with her toys in future, haha! For me, I was just so amused, and also more concerned with her scraping her feet skin/nails on the concrete, heh!

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