Monday, July 6, 2009

Someday my prince will come

Rosabelle was on the prowl...grrr...for her Mr. Right...grrr...
Candidate A Profile -
Name: Wang Yi An (aka 'Da Niu', or 'Big Cow')
Age: 5 months old (but looks much bigger, very.much.bigger)
Skills: Salivating loads, volunteers to aid draught-stricken provinces in China if there is a need to. Also adapt at pushing his own stroller across a maximum distance of two floor tiles before retiring for a bottle of green bean water, watermelon juice, or Grandma's green/jasmine tea (I'm serious - the grandma feeds him Chinese tea!).
Though Da Niu has a nice egg-head, Rosabelle wanted to cast the net wider, and maybe try looking for somebody older than she is...
Oh, look who's here, hi cutie!
Candidate B Profile -
Name: Wang He (aka 'Lao He', or 'Old He')
Age: One year old
Skills: Has a lovely toothy grin for all and sundry, and very willing to share his toys with everybody. Helps that he has a full head of hair (as compared to Candidate A).
But gag, what does Rosabelle see?!
Hmm..still drinking from a sippy cup at this age? And that singlet! Will he be tied to Daddy's apron strings? I'd pass!
And so the hunt continues. 'Yue yue, don't be so picky lah...,' nanny's whispering to her.
Candidate C Profile -
Name: Chen Wan Yi (aka 'Fei fei', aka 'Lan Yang Yang', or 'Lazy Sheep')
Age: 10 months old (but according to his mum, is overweight, and she thus only feeds him one meal a day!)
Skills: Has a charming smile, and is very fair and rosy. Also initiates contact with the Princess in question. Is however, deemed to be a lazy bum by his mum, not willing to crawl/walk much, and opening his mouth only for food, making his mum hold his bottle/food for him.
Rosabelle: Hmmm...aren't we moving a little too fast here?
Fei fei: It's only touchy-feely of our fingertips lah...
Fei fei: I'll be gentle, I promise...Rosabelle: Well....erm...ok...
Rosabelle: Ticklish, but I think I am beginning to like it!
And so they strolled off into the sunset and lived happily ever after!

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