Friday, July 3, 2009

If you're happy and you know it...

Dance like mad!

Rosabelle had a great workout on her evening walk yesterday when one of the grandmothers took out a kick-ass thin mattress and laid it on the bench for a few babies to sit/crawl upon. There were 4 babies at any one time, and Rosabelle ended up the only one really trying to reach for (read: snatch) toys on the mattress, and did her usual energetic jig.

I had previously blogged about how she flails her arms and legs wildly and made the nanny laugh. She similarly got into a boogie-ing mood with her dance tool - a Pampers plastic bag meant to hold her pooed diapers - after her bath last night, panting heavily and working up a sweat, making the nanny laugh till she cried again (this is the nanny trying to ensure she does not eat the plastic bag - no dirty diaper inside, of course).

And this is the previous video where the dancing went on for a long while, with an assortment of dance gadgets like her cap and saliva towel, where you can see her scratching her head at times as her cradle cap had not cleared then. That's my dancing queen for you. Atta girl!

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