Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Different perspectives

Rosabelle has been seeing things from a different point of view alot lately - with Wayne around the house, she has been riding astride his shoulders to look at higher things in the house. Wayne has been playing a fair bit of basketball in the mornings, and she would now start patting her hand in a 'bouncing basketball' action to indicate that she'd like to touch or see the ball bounce.
I've also been making her get down and dirty (hah!) by crawling under and beside chairs and tables, though I'm careful to shield her head, and hold onto light chairs that move easily. At times, we can see her trying to seat herself down carefully, or trying to reach for something on the ground, but she is afraid of landing hard on her bum or falling, and thus stretches down, then straightens herself, then stretches again. If after a few tries, she still does not dare to sit down, she will start making noise and look at me, at which point I will place a hand on her back to tell her 'not to worry, Mummy's here', and she will lean against me for help.
However, this crawling/leaning down has taught her to sneak peeks under the sofa, where I will place my bedroom slippers for fear of her wanting to touch them. The other day, she immediately crawled beside the sofa and peered underneath it, looking at me after with a knowing grin as the slippers weren't there, then in the next instant, spinning around to see the slippers beside her and quickly crawled towards it. She now knows to first look for my slippers hidden there... so crafty...This means her long-term memory is developing well, as is her short-term memory, as I tested and hid things like her toys and the aircon remote under the blanket, and she will quickly pull the blanket away to look for her stuff.
She also likes looking at and banging her head against our walk-in wardrobe and toilet doors, both of which are semi-opaque with the frosted glass, though she misjudged and banged a little too hard yesterday, causing a slight bruise on her forehead. There was nothing a little distraction couldn't do to stop her crying, heh!
When she crawls nowadays, she even knows how to motivate herself, holding things in one hand to crawl, and at times throwing the item in front of her so she can go chase after it herself - it's quite hilarious to watch her at times.
She sure knows how to pick things up, and even makes sure we do so. Her civic mindedness sprung into action the other day at the supermarket, where I accidentally knocked over a rack with some display, and was busy looking at other things when she screamed 'Eh! Eh! Eh!' and pointed at the mess at the floor. She stopped screaming only when the nanny picked up the items to place them back properly. Gosh... our daughter, the supermarket police. Good as well, as this means that these days, if she drops anything on the floor, she will indicate to us by pointing and/or screaming, so I'd know if things go missing.
Being the big girl she is, I took out the bag of hand-me-downs from Simon and Marianne to sift through, something I do on a regular basis as it's very easy to just misjudge her growth spurts and then we meet with the problem of her not being able to fit into clothes not even worn before.
I took out a few pyjamas pants and sweet T-shirts, and realized this same T-shirt was worn by Marianne at 14.5 months old, when we pasted the 囍 stickers on her cheeks to celebrate our upcoming wedding in October 2006. It doesn't look all that big on our 9.5-month-old, huh?

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