Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'd like for my old Rosie please, thank you

Since Rosie fell ill, we've been hearing more crying around the house for the past few days than the whole 10 months since her birth. Our happy baby has lost the sparkle in her eyes, and we seldom get to see her dimples or hear her chuckles as she's too lethargic/sleepy to play much.

Her cough took a turn for the worse on Monday night, waking her up at times, so when she woke up on Tuesday morning, we started her on her dose of Western medicine (Stada Guaifenesin, Methylephedrine and Chlorphenamine), as well as Chinese medicine (Beijing Tongrentang medicine for heatiness) that Amcare prescribed the day before. I consulted with my brother-in-law, who was at first hesitant for me to give her the medicine, as they don't normally prescribe these for kids under one year old in Singapore, but after hearing that the instructions inset referred to paediatric use, he was more reassured. She was also slightly feverish on Monday night, but I held off giving her more paracetemol as it was just low-grade fever, and I really did not like the idea of her taking so many kinds of medicines.

She was quite ok with the Western medicine, as it is sweet, but the Chinese medicine is very bitter, so we mixed it with some gripe water. She took one mouthful and decided she did not like it, and we had to resort to pouring the mixture into our dish bowl and pretending that the adults were all enjoying the concoction to tempt her into drinking it as well. It worked, for the first time.

She needs to eat the Western medicine 3 times a day, and the Chinese medicine 2 times a day, finishing 3 days of medication, so it translates into 15 sessions of painful medicine-taking for her, and us. We tried to coerce/convince her, changing bowls/cups, and the nanny at times had to trick her to open her mouth to drink water and quickly insert the spoonful of medicine instead, making her go all angry.

When she simply refused to open her mouth, we let her watch a bit of TV (Wheels on the Bus series), so she would glue her eyes on the screen, and even clap/wave/dance...but no use, lips remained sealed. So for the last two times she ate the Chinese medicine, we'd had to force-feed her. I was quite adamant not to have to resort to this, as I was afraid she'd choke/throw all the medicine up, and get all fearful of medicines ever again, but it was better than her not eating it, and I knew that it was going to make her better, so I'd rather grit my teeth and watch her bawl and struggle for awhile as we fed her the medicine. At least after we are done, she's easily consolable and does not continue with her crying, what a good girl.

For the Western medicine taken this morning, I had to carry her for 45 minutes and rock her back to sleep before she opened her lips slightly for us to pour a spoonful down, and we gave her the remaining spoonful after I'd set her down and turned her on her back...sigh, the things we resort to...

She was in rather high spirits last night, playing with us on the bed before her bed-time, and her temperature was pretty much normal for the whole day already. However, when I brought her down for her morning walk this morning, everybody remarked how listless she was, and the color had gone from her cheeks, and that she'd lost weight. Even when she got excited and screamed, there was not much voice. Poor thing. She does not have a good appetite, maybe from the medicine as well, and she's also not so active. I can only hope that all things will be back on track and she'd start eating well to regain the weight lost, and to make-up for her poor little body's suffering over the past few days. I told the nanny off for making her own call to stop feeding her any meats since Monday dinner, as she did not eat much fish for lunch. She was already diagnosed as anaemic and needs all the nutrients she can get - the nanny should just make the food and even if Rosabelle does not eat, at least we gave her a choice and offered it to her, right? Grrrr....

The older guardians in the yard all tell me when kids have a fever, they turn all the more stronger from the experience, and will be more sensible/learn new things. Well, if I had a choice, I'd rather poor Rosabelle not learn anything new, just as long as we can have our dear happy, active, and healthy baby girl back!

I'm eager for her to get well soon as we're due to fly back next Wednesday night - just me and her alone - and we'll be in Singapore from 3 to 16 September. Singapore Airlines has a promotion, so I got my tickets cheaper than usual, but as Rosabelle's ticket is 10% of the full fare, our total ticket fare was still slightly more expensive than if I'd bought Air China. Oh well, it's my first time flying with her, and I think we'd need all the good service we can get! Wayne collected Rosabelle's entry/exit permit today, so I have the task of settling her Chinese citizenship renounciation in place when back. Of course, it'd also be a time for catching up with dear family and friends, especially my brother whom I have not seen for more than 2 years (since our honeymoon in Switzerland and Rome in February 2007). My mum and sister have been pottering around getting things in place for our coming back, vacuuming the toys/mattresses, cleaning the curtains, buying stuff etc etc...

So, Rosie dear, get well soon, we have loads of places to see, and many things to do when back in Singapore!

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