Sunday, August 9, 2009

Count on me, Singapore(?)

Today, August 9th, is Singapore's 44th birthday. As our American friend exclaimed, wow, what sort of history would a young country like that have?

Heh, young, and small country, but nevertheless, still a place I call home, and still a place I miss in spite of all the various 'ugly Singaporean' types of behavior (kiasi-ism/kiasu-ism etc) that I witness when back home - isn't that what makes me smile and hanker after Singlish/Singapore food when I get slightly nostalgic about home?

I even took part and thus watched live the 25th Jubilee Celebrations of National Day Parade, when I was a mere 13-year-old and was part of the group choir that sang (and enjoyed) the various 'Stand Up for Singapore', 'Chan Mali Chan', 'Muneru Valiba', '我是年轻的卫国军' etc... Rehearsals were hard, we sang the same songs and did the same actions over and over again till I almost puked, but it was a great experience to call my own. I made it a point to follow all National Day Parades each year on TV, but obviously am unable to do so now in China (webcast or not...).

I am so looking forward to the upcoming trip home.

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

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