Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I must banish my murderous instincts

* Note: This post is not family-friendly and has alot of expletives. Also NOT a post for dog owners/lovers.

Over the past three days, there has been dog poo at our door step. Either outside our door, or outside our adjacent neighbour's. There is a dog just directly opposite our house, but the owners have been keeping him for the past two years, and nothing of this nature has happened, so we suspect it must be some new, and extremely anti-social friggin' idiots who have just moved in onto the 10th floor, and are too goddamn lazy to walk their bastard of a dog, so they will just open their door and let it out to do its business on the same level. (The last I checked, we also did not offend anybody in the past few days/week, so it can't be a deliberate act of sabotage.)

And with all dogs, once they poo/shit on a spot, it marks their territory and they will keep coming back to dirty the place. On Sunday morning, poor Wayne had to clear the shit, and in the early afternoon, there was yet some more poo. So we had the nanny spray insecticide around the area, thinking it'd deter the pooch, or better still, have it lick the insecticide and become sick.

On Monday morning, the poo was there again (this dog does its business twice a day), so the block cleaners wiped it up as they were just making their rounds, and again in the afternoon. So this time, we decided to pour Walch antiseptic liquid around the area, and it worked! Unfortunately, we forgot to pour some near our adjacent neighbour's door, so the darned pooch did it right outside their door this morning. The poor cleaner came in time to wash the mess up again, and we gave her our bottle of Walch to spread the whole floor clean with the antiseptic lotion. She told us she heard dog barks from another unit, but when Wayne went to knock on their door, they said they don't own any dogs.

Wayne also called up the management office and got them to send someone up to check, but when the representative came this afternoon, he said the only unit with someone in does not own any dogs, and he did not get any response to his knocks on the other units. I told him to keep trying, as the cleaner wasn't sure which unit had the dog(s).

Fingers crossed, there has been no other poop since we used the Walch all over - our corridor smells very much like a well-scrubbed hospital now. But we're not taking chances - the neighbour and us have brought in our door mats left outside, just in case the dog decides to do its business (whether big or small) on the non-Walch-drenched areas (i.e. the mats). The management office also put up notices around our level asking for dog owners to be more civic-minded, but they stupidly only put the signs up around our side of the building. I can only hope the dog is literate enough to read, as the bloody morons of its owner wouldn't venture round to read, or further realize that the notices are referring to him/her/them.

If the Walch doesn't work, Wayne has enquired at the pet store in our district, which sells special types of spray to prevent dogs from doing business around the area you use it upon. If worse comes to the worse, we are going to drench Walch on a juicy sausage and let the pooch go home foaming at the mouth to teach its owner(s) a lesson. I know the poor mutt's innocent, and the only one(s) to blame is/are the sicko owner(s), but if push comes to a shove, its 人不为己,天诛地灭 (every man for himself)! Grrr....

Don't be mistaken, I like dogs, have owned a dog before, and enjoy pointing out dogs to Rosabelle on our walks, but this, THIS is another thing altogether. Hope it doesn't have to turn ugly...

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