Friday, August 7, 2009

A quickie...playdate!

After Rosabelle set eyes on her prince, she's been playing alot with Fei Fei, as our stroll hours are similar, and they have similar interests in kicking balls, and are equally friendly/happy babies. Rosabelle likes to sit in Fei Fei's stroller, and Fei Fei always has a ready big smile and wave for us (albeit always eating/chewing on something).

Today, as it was raining heavily in the morning, we were stranded at our apartment lobby, so I decided to invite Fei Fei and his mum to our home for a quick playdate before they headed off to another kid's home for lunch. Rosabelle was also due for her lunch in 30 minutes, so it was over before we knew it.
Rosabelle seemed to enjoy Fei Fei's presence on her territory, and warmly crawled up to him and even kissed/chewed/licked him on his back/butt/thigh. This is our hostess with the mostest, gallantly sharing her toys with our visitor, who was overwhelmed by all things new, and set to mark his territory as well by leaving his DNA (saliva) on the toys, as well as drool over/on the playmat.
Poor Fei Fei was reluctant to leave after such a short stay - imagine plucking a kid from his toy wonderland!
Think I'd want to do more of this in future - it's fun to see Rosabelle playing with and around other kids in the comfort of her own home!

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