Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some last things before we really get going!

Just a last catch-up post before we go halter-skelter in preparation for tonight's departure. As the Beijing weather's getting cooler by the day, I dressed Rosabelle up in a long-sleeved top and denim pants today. The clothes are meant for 12-month-olds, and they didn't actually hug her tightly, but I figured I'd better start decking her up in these clothes before she outgrows them!

Doesn't she look clean and spiffy? Heh!
Yesterday, she had her first taste of junk food - seaweed snack, the heavily-flavored kinds that even I like to down by the pack. The rest of the kids in the yard love to feast on seaweed, and it's supposed to have health benefits (consumed in moderation, of course), but I never really liked the idea of the amount of salt they put into such stuff. But anyway, guess after her illness, I was more glad than anything that her appetite was back (I even bought fish floss for her, just in case she really lost all appetite - she can at least take some fish floss with watery porridge - don't adults also enjoy such comfort foods when sick?). So, when Fei Fei's mum offered, I let her try 1.5 pieces, and she loved it!

Oh well... bring it on then, why don't you? I guess since we can't ward off all temptation, and she'd increasingly be exposed to, and demand, for such foods, it's better that we adults have some form of control over it, than to totally restrict it and make the 'bite of the forbidden fruit' all the more tempting, huh? (I guess...)

On Monday, my ex-colleague Hendro, came to visit us and Wayne and I brought him out to lunch. When he stepped into our house, Rosabelle was rather afraid of him (maybe it's not every day we get such a tall, fair uncle coming into our home?), and she grew all sticky to me, bawling when I put her down or when Hendro went near her. She only stopped crying when we all left the house, and the nanny told her that 'mummy has brought the uncle away, and he's not coming in', and she waved bye bye, placated. Hmm...stranger anxiety at its worst, I think?

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