Friday, September 25, 2009

I eat, I bite, and I play

Rosabelle woke up from her afternoon nap the other day in time for her late 'lunch' at 4:30pm, so instead of giving her the pig liver balls that the nanny prepared for her, we just fed her slices of the liver, which she happily wolfed down by picking up from her own plate. (Check out her out-of-bed hairstyle....)
She has a strong mind of her own now when it comes to foods. We tried feeding her some persimmon for the first time on Wednesday, but she refused to go beyond the first spoon. We tried again today, only to have her turn her head away yet again. Just as well... one of the grandmothers in the yard told me persimmons are heaty fruits, so guess we won't be giving her any(more) of it in a while to come.

When we give her orange these days, it's different from the easy days of merely squeezing half a fruit of juice for her - she simply refuses to drink the juice. In fact, she'd rather we peel the remaining half and feed her the pulp, so you can imagine how time-consuming and messy it is to remove all the skin of the peeled fruit - at least her little hands are kept busy with picking up and feeding herself bits of pulp. I now give her more Vitamin C fruits - preferably after lunch and dinner - to aid in iron absorption.

She also likes to bite noses of her plush toys (if that also includes her Dad and Mum, as she also gently bites on our noses at times) - this is her with the St. Bernard from Uncle Boa, my brother's friend.
When not chewing, she's happy keeping herself occupied with various outings. On Sunday, we brought Rosabelle out in the morning, before her lunch time, to Shin Kong Place.
Wayne and I decided to grab our lunch at Pizza Hut first, and our greedy girl nudged/grabbed my arm to get me to feed her pizza bread and tomatos/carrots from the minestrone soup we ordered. Adult food always tastes better to her, I guess...
On the next day, whilst on our morning walk, we saw airplanes and helicopters flying past, with practice runs for the upcoming PRC 60th National Day celebrations. It was a rare day of clear blue skies in Beijing and Rosabelle enjoyed looking up at and pointing at the airplanes.
With Wayne's hiatus from work, he has been able to spend more time with Rosabelle, and she has repaid by always calling 'Papa' clearly and endearingly, heh!

On a separate note, we will not likely be heading anywhere (read: vacations, touristy spots etc) over the upcoming 7-day holiday (National Day+Mooncake Festival) in China - it'll be much too crowded, and more importantly, it might be dangerous as we never know if anyone is out to create trouble. It also won't be wise to expose Rosabelle to crowded/confined spaces as she has only just recovered from her fevers... so home sweet home it is - at most we'll just visit other people's homes, and it's not as if we will get to go anywhere much as we're granting the nanny 4 days off in total (split up into two two-day vacations). Yikes, so not looking forward to not having extra help around!

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