Monday, September 28, 2009

She probably won't remember this, but still...

Wayne and I had a brief discussion this evening - I have THE party of the year to plan for, and it's taking place in less than a month. first mega event project since my work days, time for perfectionist planning streak in me to get ticking again for Rosabelle's upcoming birthday next month.

It won't be a huge affair - just getting some kids in the yard to come over for a gathering, but hey, it's our firstborn's first birthday, and I'm not sure how many other birthday parties we will be throwing for her, so bring it on man! I will be getting busy looking at sites like this to get ideas. Stay tuned for a fun ride!

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Piggy Family said...

Have fun with the big party! I was exhausted after RaeAnne's 1 yr old party planning the theme, toy rental, food, goodie bags, decorations etc. :P Year end, still got to plan for Mei Mei's full month party but this time it'll be smaller scale thankfully. ;)