Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kor Kor & Jie Jie

Simon and Marianne have always been very excited about their dear Rosie, and are forever eager to play with her (well...mostly...that is if they are not distracted by other toys or TV programmes - strangely enough, Rosabelle wasn't very keen on watching the TV even when the kids switched it on; must be the strict no-TV regime in our home, hehe!).

Back home, they had the chance to spend time with their small cousin as we all went on walks downstairs together.
Simon, being the Big Brother, was eager to show and teach her new things, and as my brother said, Simon has a rather perverted/besotted way of calling 'ROAAA....ZZZZIE', with alot of love and tenderness in his voice.
Although Marianne does not show her enthusiasm that much, she also had alot of fun showering love on Rosabelle, and in fact, after about a week, Rosabelle knew to call Marianne 'Jie Jie' quite a few times. Nowadays, on our walks downstairs, she will spot older girls and call 'Jie Jie' quite clearly. She only called 'Kor Kor' a few times in comparison - looks like she likes to play with her own kind.
At times, Rosabelle will go up to Marianne on her own accord and start to hug her, putting all her weight onto poor Marianne, so much so that the latter will at times go, 'Yiyi, maybe you can take Rosie away now'.
This is Marianne trying to take on the role of a teacher, telling a story to a very undisciplined, young student who is trying to harrass her...
During meal times outside, the children clamour to want to sit next to her, and it doesn't help that she is very quick to grab their food and utensils...
The three of them even tested the Giant hypermarket trolley with their weight as the older kids all wanted to clamber in with Rosabelle.
This is a typical scene during the afternoons when they take their naps at my sis' place. Doesn't it look like my mum's operating some illegal work-from-home daycare centre?
On this trip home, it could be due to the influence of watching older kids at play, but Rosabelle babbles even more than usual these days. The other day, whilst muching on a corn cob when I was feeding her dinner, the nanny and I both distinctly heard her say '阿姨,给给!' as she pushed the corn out in the nanny's direction, wanting to give the nanny. She even repeated quite clearly '水杯' when the nanny told her the cup she was looking at was a '水杯' used to hold water for changing her diaper. It's all quite shocking and hilarious at times to make out what she's trying to say.

My mum told me when Marianne got home on Wednesday afternoon after sending us to the airport, she started crying and wanted to call us up to speak to Rosie. Late at night, she even took the phone to my sis to get her to call us, but it was already too late. When they were having prayers that night, my sis said to pray for Rosie, and Marianne's eyes started to water. My sis said she wept herself to sleep, wiping away tears as she laid on her pillow. How sweet of dear Marianne Jie Jie!

It sure is nice to have our own dearest family around as playmates...

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