Thursday, September 24, 2009

One more month...

...before Rosabelle turns a full year old on 24 October. Wow, time really flies. Our girl has really grown, and here she is today, sitting (or rather, standing) in another kid's stroller and eating her apple puree.
Nowadays, she will put up a mean fight and arch her body backwards when we try to strap her in, so I need to keep a hand on her whilst belting her up - she will usually keep quiet after she's inside, but yah, protest just for the fun of it, will ya? Heh!
To 'train' her for her birthday, I have now taught her to indicate 'one' with her index finger when we ask 'How old are you?' - she is pretty receptive to the training and very responsive, indicating a 'one' whenever we ask her the question in English and/or Mandarin.
She also continues to do hilarious things that never fail to amuse me - after she woke up yesterday morning, I carried her out of her cot onto our bed and she immediately went to the bed rest to grab my spectacles. Thinking she would play with it, she instead threw it at me, and next took my scrunchy and also threw it at me, as if willing me to put on my spectacles, tie up my hair, and wake up (as that's what I do the moment I am awake). Thinking it might be a fluke, I tried it again today and true enough, she again threw my spectacles at me, then went in search of my scrunchy before tossing it to me - so clever!
She has been enjoying the new books I bought in Singapore, but as I have more than 20 of them, so as not to overwhelm her, I only intend to rotate about 4 books a fortnight (or until she tires of them). So far so good, she can do alot of page turning and flipping of flaps to find hidden objects etc, and will proactively reach out for her books amongst her pile of toys.
Though the past month was frought with her two bouts of fever, I'm glad it's behind us, and here's to a happier, healthier Rosie henceforth - Happy 11th month, baby girl!

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