Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flora, Fauna, & Flyer

First of my numerous, upcoming posts of our homecoming to Singapore... We left for the airport on Tuesday night, 2 September, to catch the red-eye flight on Singapore Airlines. The nanny had wanted to send us off, but as I probably delegated too much for her to do before she went on her home leave back home to Dongbei, she decided to make use of the time to do as much cleaning as possible so she could leave earlier the next morning to buy things back home, heh.

Wayne took a wrong turn at the airport and had to let us off first before making a detour to the car park, so it was a training of how I was going to cope with Rosabelle and our luggage alone. I pushed her in the stroller as I pulled the trolley suitcase, and managed to check us in successfully all by myself, with a very cooperative daughter to boot.

Here's a parting shot of Daddy with Rosabelle before we made our way through the departure gates. Luckily I could push her in the stroller all the way to the boarding gate (but had to deal with her vehement protests when I tried to put her back in after taking her out for the stroller to be out through the scanners at security clearance).
It being an SQ flight, there weren't any delays, and we even surprisingly landed close to an hour early in Singapore. Throughout the flight (it wasn't a full flight), Rosabelle refused to let me lay her down into the bassinet, so I had to carry her to sleep. She must have been so excited by the whole experience that she only fell asleep at 1:30 am, but not before screaming at the passenger two seats away from us to wake the poor lady up, only to grin cheekily at her. Luckily the nice lady has an 11-month-old daughter and was nice and patient through it all. Rosabelle also kept sticking her head by the aisle to scream down whoever was willing to play with her. She kept up her cheery moods till it was sleeping time, but woke up often for feeds. She even slept through as I ate my breakfast with my single left hand...

As for me, I was holding my bladder until I really couldn't control it anymore, and had to carry her into the washroom, haha! When the doors locked and the lights came on, she also woke up, saw herself in the mirror, and smiled. Heh, thank goodness she did not wake up grouchy, which was just as well, as we were due to land in awhile, as my dear sis and brother-in-law picked us up from the airport. It was nice to be home, but Rosabelle seemed quite wary of them, and when we reached my sis' place in Kembangan, she refused to have me out of her sight, crying violently if anybody else touched/carried her. The lack of sleep through the night, coupled with the stressful situation of a new environment, must have tired her out so much that she slept well into the late morning.

On our very first day in Singapore, we were due for her appointment at KKH (this is her in the car seat), and after we did the routine checks with her usual paediatrician, he also ordered a blood test in view of her purported anemia from the last check-up done in Beijing.Unfortunately, the tests showed the same results, poor Rosabelle is anemic as a result of lack of iron, which all of us find very strange as she has been eating well, and we've been giving her the right foods in the right amounts. Iron supplements/drops would cause constipation, and we're now just beefing up iron via her diet (loads of spinach and meats, with increased liver and dates), before we do another test back in Beijing to see if she really needs the drops. After she turns one year of age, we will need to do another test to rule out thalessemia, which should be highly unlikely given that Wayne and I are not anemic. Sigh... poor Rosie.

So... on the the uplifting highlights of our stay in Singapore. I actually cried slightly when I saw my brother for the first time at the restaurant on 6 September for lunch. It must have been a rush of emotions of not having seen him in a long while, of having Rosabelle finally getting to meet her uncle, and the fact that this was finally a family reunion in a long while. Gee.

We managed to catch a few attractions like the Botanical Gardens and the Singapore Flyer whilst there (we had planned to go to Sentosa and the Zoo as well, but our poor girl had another bout of fever again, so we had to give her adequate rest).

We went to the Botanical Gardens on 8 September with my brother and his friend, Boa, in tow, and luckily met with a cloudy day so that it wasn't too hot (but I almost always forget how uncomfortably humid Singapore is till I am home, and having to carry a sticky, literally, Rosabelle, is no laughing matter when I am plastered in sticky perpiration myself...ewww!).
Rosabelle fell asleep 10 minutes into the journey, so we stayed outside whilst the rest of them visited the Orchid Garden (where Simon dropped one side of his Crocs into the bushes and wailed as Uncle Boa came to the rescue and managed to find it back for him).After the journey, they all came out to the souvenir centre for a rest as I was feeding Rosabelle some raisin bread. As my sister carried her to play tag with Simon and Marianne, she (Rosie, not my sis) was grinning and chuckling happily away. My sis said it was not funny to have to carry Rosabelle and run, as it was thoroughly exhausting...The kids are always game for a shot with their dear 'Rosie'.Though Simon is a little over-eager at times with his cheek-crushing kiss to her...We probably only covered like 5% of the whole park, but Singaporeans are indeed fortunate to have such a nice park (free of charge at that!) to enjoy the sun and Mother Nature in.I'm not sure when we'll have such shots again as it'd be a long while before we can get my brother and us all together in the same place at the same time...sigh! I especially love this shot - the triangular composition of the subjects, each adult carrying a kid, and the glee on Simon's face... And it marked Rosabelle's first proper outing in sunny Singapore. The next day, on 9 September, we brought her on board the Singapore Flyer (which was under 'maintenance' for a malfunction towards the end of last year, and unfortunately, Wayne did not get to sit in it). My sis, Simon, and Marianne had been on board quite a few times, so they were nice enough to accompany us again on the 30-minute ride. As it was a week day, we had the whole capsule to ourselves. Rosabelle wasn't very keen on looking outside to enjoy the scenery, being more focused on the seats, the floor, and the equipment around her.It wasn't very long before she decided she wanted to sit on the floor and chew on the Flyer brochure and audio handset...

We had to place her at/near the windows to let her take in the view of Singapore, her place of birth, her hometown, heh.Of course, it was me carrying her mostly, so not funny... Simon got down to his usual monkeying around when he decided he wanted to take photos around the capsule, and of himself as well. I didn't find the ride very much fun, maybe because I was also more focused on looking after Rosabelle than enjoying the view, but I know I'd need a good reason to pay to get on board again! We then went to the koi pond downstairs, where the kids fed the fishes. And thereafter took photos of all things F1 related as one can get a good view of the track from on board the Flyer. (Singapore's hosting the season at the end of the month, so there is alot of frenzy around this at about this time of the year.)Our last stop was the souvenir place where I succumbed and paid SGD25 for a set of four, super-imposed photos (namecard-sized) of Rosabelle and I 'on' the Flyer. Oh well, we're tourists, aren't we?

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