Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

This is so seriously backdated - Chinese Lunar New Year fell on 14 February this year (Happy Valentine's too!), but the Shis were apart since Wayne could not get an earlier flight (he only got into Singapore on 17 Feb). As usual, we had our steamboat dinner with my parents at home a day earlier on 12 Feb, as my sister had to join her parents-in-law on 13 Feb, CNY eve. Rosabelle enjoyed the fish ball, tofu (ate almost a whole boxload!), vermicelli, chicken and everything that went into the pot.

On roaring Tiger's day, fortunately she woke up early enough for us to get a quick start on making our rounds, and was decked in a Polo dress Mum bought for her whilst we were at the children's wholesale place last June. Preeeety in pink!
Vain pot Mummy taking the chance to camwhore in Popo's car...
We visited about 6 homes in all, and our girl had her first taste of Yeo's packet drinks - thank goodness they have it in a 'less sugar' version now, but she was only limited to small sips, and that made her want to pull straws off packets and poke them into the holes everytime she saw packet drinks... She also enjoyed the goodies like cakes, egg rolls, and especially kueh lapis (can polish off 3 slices before I stopped her!).
As lunch was out and about, I prepared cereal on the go, a hard boiled egg and some potato, corn and peas for her as she snacked on them along the way. She was a dear in my relatives' places, gamefully accepting the ang pows and giving her sweet smiles, but of course not allowing them to carry her yet, but thank goodness there was no stranger anxiety/crying fits.
This was a rare shot (only one!) of Rosabelle and Gong Gong/Po Po, and even then she was whining and wanting for 'Mummy'... -_-.
This is better, but I think she's more distracted by something else...
By the time we wrapped up the relatives go-around, it was past three as we headed for our last stop at my sister's place. In the car, I continued taking photos of her and she gamely smiled ever so slightly before conking off into a deep sleep milliseconds after this series of shots was taken.
Totally zonked out on my sister's couch...
Before she got woken up rudely by screaming Simon/Marianne as they played around, but I'm sure she was happy since she recovered fast and could then play with her beloved Simon Ge Ge and Marianne Jie Jie (she's giving her fake, hearty laugh here whenever Simon calls 'Rosabelle Mei Mei...').
On 17 Feb, we went to visit my Dua Yi (Big Aunty) at Sembawang.
There she is getting busy attacking the New Year snacks...
And after that, we headed to Sembawang Mall for lunch at a Hong Kong restaurant (see how distorted her face looks when Simon Ge Ge squeezes it?).
On 20 Feb, we had lunch at my sister's in-laws' place, which was amok with so many children as Simon and Marianne have so many cousins (mainly the second brother who has 4 kids). Bethany, the second girl, liked Rosabelle alot, and Marianne was overheard telling her, 'You say something and she will follow you, you know?' Even Christian, the third boy, allowed Rosabelle to sit on his Little Tikes motorbike (unheard of as he is possessive about it with his cousins).Here is Daniel, the third brother's kid, who is a week younger than Rosabelle, and his Mummy, uber-slim Jane.
And there she goes again, spreading abit of New Year love all around...
Lovely series of catch-ups and reunions - would have been more perfect if Wayne was around though!

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