Sunday, May 23, 2010

Out & About

In Singapore, we went out quite a far bit with my family, in spite of my sister's ballooning pregnancy, haha!

Of course there was the usual pilgrimage to Parkway Parade, my 'favouritest' shopping centre ever that has everything and anything I could ever want (Rosabelle even had her first taste of durian and ice cream - combined into one - eating from a cone we bought there). This is her getting ready to head out for dinner and some shopping (including late-night shopping at Giant hypermart for New Year goodies).
We had dinner at Jack's Place where we (and Rosabelle included) feasted on spaghetti, fish, mushroom soup, and chicken.
And when Wayne came, we went out together for dinner at Pow Sing Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens - yummy...
Here she is waiting for her chow...
On days when my sis was at work (she worked part-time Thursdays and Fridays then), Wayne and I brought Rosabelle out alone, letting her take an MRT and bus ride for the first time ever! (I know the sight of the woman in the uber-tight clothes in the background is extremely distracting - please just focus on the toddler in the foreground.) Rosabelle even kept pointing to the picture of Phua Chu Kang on the bus and saying 'mole'....haha!
We went to accessible places like Singapore Post across the road, Vivo City, Ang Mo Kio Hub, and Tampines One with our environmentally-friendly 'support public transport' policy. Hell, we even walked her to the library twice, where she went gaga and screamed/disturbed other children who were silently reading (so embarrassing...).
We also went to East Coast Park with our family, and sat on exhorbitant kiddy rides.
This may look like human cruelty, and it wasn't that fun on the ride, but I think it was a good experience for Rosabelle as she had a feeling of being trapped behind bars, haha!
She also liked rides in the malls, though we were cheapo and did not insert any money and just let her mimic driving the 'Bob the Builder' tractor...
This is her on the last night in Singapore, enjoying Wee Nam Kee chicken rice, or more like chomping on the lovely Korean strawberries my sister bought for her (she could down 6 huge ones and still ask for more...).
'Major' outings, other than to Sentosa (another post), were to Botanical Gardens Jacobs Ballas Children's Park.
It was a nice and windy day (but suddenly poured after)...
Simon and Marianne had fun at the tree house, and Rosabelle also had her fair share of getting close to nature.
When it rained, we all (meaning all other visitors as well) took shelter at the Visitor's Centre (reception area) and the kids sat down for some drawing and filled up a questionnaire where they went away with the grand prize of.... a pencil. -_-
It was at this point that Rosabelle decided to poop badly, and we had to get her changed and washed in the toilet as the drippy poo had come out onto her legs and shoes....ewwww.... She had already had a case of the runs earlier that morning and I was hoping that she would get better on her own accord.
But nope, after we got her changed, and my sis was driving us to Orchard Central to catch-up with the rest of the Nanyang Girls, she pooped again in the car, and I had no extra diapers with me. Sigh! Even if I had, Rosabelle wasn't really in the best (and cleanest) of condition to enjoy outside food, so we had to can the catch-up and head on home together...
I took some photos of one of the East Coast outings in the evening...
That's her making her naughty, crying face, wanting me to carry her.
So I just ignored her and she distracted herself with a huge leaf she picked off the ground.
We also rented bicycles and brought the kids around for a ride - Simon followed riding on his own, and was tired out after awhile trying to catch up. Just as well, since it was already getting dark and we had to head home anyway. Rosabelle did not seem extremely thrilled with the ride, oh well...

And there you have it, me getting closer to completing my posts about our Singapore sojourn!

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