Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Little 'Un

And so he turned a full month old on 13 May, with red eggs to boot. Know how it is with the third one? No buffet celebration, no cake, no family hoo-ha, but there is still the customary red egg, haha! No wonder Gideon is red-faced from protesting at the unfairness!
However, on Sunday, he came down with a mysterious high fever and had to be admitted to A&E at KKH for two nights, tiring the whole family down as well since Simon and Marianne were also recovering from vomiting and diarrhea. It's in the air, my mum said, as kids are falling sick easily this season. Gotta be careful...

The little Gideon was 3.96kg upon admission - hopefully he does not lose any other weight as he looks so cute chubby! On the topic of weights, Rosabelle took her Hepatitis A jab today (GSK one expiring in August and is free, or we had the choice of using one that expires in November next year and costs RMB400+ - guess which we chose?) and weighs 11.0kg, and measures 87.0 cm (an increase of 2.5 cm, but no weight gain...hmmm...), and cried slightly only when she was jabbed.

However, she seemed fearful of taking her weight/height, and having the doctor touch her, something never exhibited on previous visits. When she came home, she was eating lunch and became all fretful upon seeing the injection wound, so much that I had to carry her up... is that what they mean by getting fretful as a by-effect of the vaccination? In any case, that worrying heart murmur is still there, though ever so slight, the doctor also said her flat toenail may be a result of tight shoes but there is nothing to worry about, and that her high fever previously could be the result of a virus, and her immunity is good, that is why she recovered within the day in spite of a 39.1 degrees temperature.
My mum also just called me today to say she is planning to book us on a day trip to Johor Bahru in Malaysia to see various sights, it's a community centre trip - should be fun! Of course, it's just my parents, Simon and us, as it would be quite scary for Gideon (so Marianne's not going)...

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