Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The third snip

Remember Rosabelle's first haircut in May last year? We paid RMB120 for professional salon snipping by Mr. Dustbin Breath.
And then came Daddy Shi wielding his shears for her second haircut in July last year...
And ta-dah! We have a third haircut to present, in preparation for the sweltering Beijing (and Singapore) heat!
I used her baby doll's doctor set fake scissors to do some fake trimming around her ears in the morning (purposely made the clickety-clack sound really loud as I read that kids are most intimidated by the sound). I also told her to not move when 叔叔 or 阿姨 is cutting her hair, and got her to close her eyes tightly shut when I 'trimmed' her fringe, before complimenting her for behaving so well and looking pretty.

After her afternoon nap yesterday, we brought her to the salon Wayne usually frequents in our compound, paid RMB35, plopped her onto a high chair, and did not count on her rejecting having the towel and drape put around her. Oh well, we did away with the towel, and quickly put the drape around and secured it with a hair clip - beats having hairs all over. And so Wayne and I were kept busy entertaining/distracting her, especially with the water spray used by the hairdresser. It was all over within 10 minutes, and being busy keeping her immobile, I did not take any photos even though I brought the camera with me.

She now has shorter, albeit same-length hair (though the hairdresser said he did not dare to do much around the sides as it's too close to the ears). The hairdresser also said he could do a better job if she kept still, and I was quite irritated with that. He..ll..ooooo - your 'customer' is like only 18 months old, and from what I hear, many other kids bawl their lungs out when put onto the chair, and it's not like she was squirming or shaking her head or anything. If you have lousy skills, don't blame your little customer for it. I even had to carry her to him after to tell him he missed chopping a few strands off at two areas.

Wayne brought her home after the bath whilst I went to the photo shop to run some errands, and I came home to see our girl still suited in the 'hairy' outfit - aiyo, these men! So I quickly whisked her into the bath and got her changed - she looks fresh and chirpy here, doesn't she?
She likes to push her lower teeth forward these days...
And this is her happy smile... And I'm quite pleased, only that this morning, looking closely, I realised that her haircut isn't exactly straight - i.e. it's sloping upwards to the right at the back. Oh well... it'd all grow out, and if we ask the hairdresser to correct it, it'd be asking too much of the novice.
After Rosabelle got this cut, I am quite tickled by how she reminds me of me when I was younger (hairstylist - Mummy dearest). Haha!

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